Hello everyone! Welcome to the new look of “My Unreal Wedding”!!! Just in case you haven’t been here before or you are curious about what exactly “My Unreal Wedding” is, my name is Jenn and I’m here to help! The fabulous Diane Wolff Bush, owner, producer and #boss of My Unreal Wedding started this platform and expo back in 2015 to connect brides and vendors and vice-versa. This year, 2020 is going to be a big one! We are gearing up to offer MORE to vendors than just a platform to find brides. We will be offering classes on marketing, HOW to prepare to be a vendor at an expo, branding, and so much more. The “My Unreal Wedding Expo” will be on as usual with inspiration boards and all the goodness. We are excited for big things this year. So, stay tuned and invite your vendor/bride friends to follow the fun on social media @myunrealwedding or hop on our mailing list. Thanks so much for stopping by. We will see you at #theexpo!


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