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Hey there! Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the My Unreal Wedding Expo! Whether this will be your first time attending an expo as a vendor, or if you are a seasoned expo master, we are here to give you all the information you’ll need to enjoy your expo experience.  


why do I need to fill out an application?

We want to ensure there are not too many of any one 'like' business attending the My Unreal Wedding Expo, to give guests diversity in product and avoid over-saturation of any one market.  We allow 4 of each vendor category, so if you are interested in attending, make sure to get your application in for consideration.  If your application is accepted, we will send you an invoice to secure your spot.


Note - If an invoice is not paid within 72 hours from time sent, we will contact you.  If we are unable to reach you, the spot will open back up for another vendor.



What will I get as a vendor?

PDF “Vendor Guide” to with tips and tricks on how to make your experience as a vendor at My Unreal Wedding EXPO successful.

10x10 booth space

1 table 1 (Black) tablecloth

Bride Lead List

Business logo, contact, and website posted on our website and printed in the event guide handed out to all brides. 

Ability to put an item in the “swag bags” that the first 100 brides take home from My Unreal Wedding Expo.

Opportunity to be featured in the inspiration board.



What will I need to provide?

Vendors must provide an item or service to put in the traditional key pull giveaway. Item or service must be a $50 value or more. We will have prize giveaway ideas in your PDF “Vendor Guide”.

If you are a food vendor, you will need to provide your cottage food license, state licensing or commercial certification.



How many staff members may attend the expo?

The initial ticket purchases will allow 3 people to work the expo at the vendor booth, any additional staff will be $10 per person. 

What is the cost? 

The standard vendor booth cost is $350  for August 23rd, 2020 Early Bird special $300 until March 31st.

Add ons

Priority booth with electric outlet access $15

Additional table with table cloth $15

Additional vendor wristband for entry $10

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have

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Image credits: @katherineandtylerphoto